Our yachts are perhaps the only sailing yachts, which are ideal for very tall people. All the cabins, toilets and covered areas are over 2,20m high. The beds are very large and there is also the possibility to open the two front cabins into one extra large cabin so you can live your own 1000+1 nights , or simply enjoy the luxury that you would only expect to find on a large private yacht!
A tall person will not have to spend the holiday bent over but will really enjoy a sailing holiday standing upright,as all the cabins,toilets,beds and commonly used areas have way taller ceilings than averadge sailing yachts, so the guest will return from the holiday well rested because of the comfortable sleeping arrangement that normally would only be found with a special order bed.

If your height is usually a problem, if your sailing experience up to now was disappointing because you were too tall for the standards of the average sailing boats, just relax and enjoy your vacations with our boats.

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