The design of our yachts is ideal for families with small children….

The extra-wide boarding ramp makes access to the yacht safe and simple and it can also be used to get into and out of the sea as a swimming platform. We have installed special netting around the yacht to insure the safety of the very young. The open design leaves ample space for children to play sheltered from the sun and wind, protected from the danger that they or their toys will fall overboard and all the while under the watchful eyes of the family.

The open layout of the cockpit, salon, kitchen area, refrigerators and chart table becomes a spacious “playground”. Other features of the yacht that are of particular interest to families with small children are the generous storage spaces and large refrigerators. Large families have enjoyed their holidays on our yachts and had a very happy and, more importantly, safe vacation.

On the “all inclusive” program, single parent families can charter the yacht with others by booking a cabin instead of the entire yacht. This has the double advantage of enjoying your holidays with others while the children have friends to play with!!

We are ready to offer you the best holiday ever…. the rest is up to you…….

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