Panagiotis Tsinganos

Sailability is an international organization dedicated to open sailing opportunities to everyone, especially to the young, the elderly and the misfortuned ones who have traditionally been excluded from several social activities due to their physical, financial or social status. Panayotis Tsinganos, a C5 quad, is the founder of the Greek branch, Sailability Hellas.
After he sailed offshore with our boats and crew, he stated:

“If you have ever felt what it’s like to travel having all your senses in alert though feeling nothing but the sough of the wind and the surge of the sea, then you have sailed…”

“If you walked alone by the seaside at a secluded coast playing mind games and sensing the magic of the sea, dreaming of being free as a bird, swimming in mystical caves and breathtaking beaches, then you have imagined sailing…”

“If you were (severely) disabled, convinced that moments of absolute independence is a forbidden dream for you, then you have not sailed. Why?”

The true spirit of sporting can be exercised in the grassroots or the recreational level, where the only meaningful feeling is that of sheer enjoyment. Elite level sporting sometimes misleads to considering as most important winning instead of participating.

Recreational activities often include dinghy-sailing with 1, 2 or 3 persons in a boat. Antonis Mangos now offers people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy offshore sailing and even cruising. Here’s your challenge: feel the wind, the sea-motion, the safety of our special design boats, have memorable fun…

If you are not disabled, check upon our boats before you charter one. There’s nothing to lose; lots to gain…

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