Re: any news?

Well, Antonis , not many news.
The material from OSCULATI did not arrive jet
because of misunderstandings (we a re paying but
merchandise goes to Artmare. All is clear now, but
still not working on the boat.The boss (Osculati)
is on vacation and the stupid assistant (a woman)
is slow and afraid to make mistakes. She would not
move unless she had all letters signed from me personally.
(They must have had in the past problems with
payments from Artmare, would you be surprised ?)
As soon as I finally will have some GOOD news you
will be the first to know. As soon as the material
will be there I will be at th shipyard EVERY FUCKING DAY,
fighting for you and me.
It’s a shitTY world we have To live in !
I have good news on other business, but I’ll
let you know later.
Smile! You are on candid camera !!!

Scrive Antonis Mangos :

> Luigi,
> any news for my boat?
> Any pictures to see any progress?
> How many working days left for the 40 working days?
> Antonis Mangos
> Sailing Charters for All MCPY
> 19 Esperou street, 17561 Pal Faliro
> Athens Greece

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